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Pricing of Legal Services.


Harris Entertainment Law offers pricing, and payment plans tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. Tamara Harris offer flat fees for document preparation, and consultations, and she is more than happy to set caps for hourly projects. We at Harris Entertainment Law understand that pricing is a big concern for any business, inventor, creator, athlete, artist or entertainer, and Tamara is happy to address any issues in detail, prior to making any commitments to legal representation.

At Harris Entertainment Law, Tamara makes it her mission to help you succeed with regards to all of your entertainment and intellectual property law needs. The best way for us to accomplish this is to create a trusting and collaborative relationship. Therefore, Tamara likes to keep lines of communication open and don’t apply additional charges for answering brief questions or responding to emails, texts and calls. Tamara also will happily make time to discuss any concerns in person if needed.

Contact Harris Entertainment Law today to learn how our legal counsel, skill, and experience can help protect your rights, your property, and in essence your future. Harris Entertainment Law's consultation fee is a flat rate of $300, and may be paid in cash, by credit card, by check or by PayPal, and other predetermined methods prior to meeting in person or at the time of the initial meeting.  Depending on the circumstance, exceptions can be made. In this detailed and in depth consultation we will discuss your legal concerns, as well as how my services can help address your circumstances.